Water Damage Do’s and Dont’s

If your property has faced water damage, then there are several crucial points that are to be kept in mind by you to ensure safety of your property and family. Remember that water damage can be very devastating but you can always lessen its intensity by following some steps. These are mentioned in the form of essential do’s and dont’s that a normal person can take care till the hired technician reaches at their place.

Do’s of Water Damage

  • To avoid water damage take the shape of fire damage, it is necessary to turn off all the electric switches, appliances and connection immediately. If this is not done then short circuit and shocks can be experienced by the place.
  • If the property which has encountered water damage is insured then do not delay calling an insurance agent who can have a look on the damages faced by the property.
  • Stop source of water entrance as soon as you can. The most common source is roof leakage which can be eliminated temporarily by applying a household sealant available at your place.
  • Remove collected water inside the property with the help of Bucket and wiper.
  • All the valuable belongings like furniture, wall hangings and paintings, accessories; artwork etc stored at your place is moved to safer place probably upper floor so that they can be secured from harmful impacts of water.
  • Open doors and windows so that proper ventilation can maintained inside the property which will help in drying of wet areas.
  • Open all the drawers and cabinets so that they can also be dried with the help of fresh air.

Dont’s of Water Damage

  • Do not enter into the room or area that is experiencing a ceiling leakage as it can be dangerous.
  • Do not leave any document, books, notes and magazine on the wet floor or carpet as it can be harmful for both.
  • Do not use household vacuum cleaner to remove collected water inside the property.
  • Do not turn fans of the room that are experiencing ceiling leakage.
  • Also do not turn on any electronics before it is carefully checked by an electrician and its safety is completely insured.
  • Do not try to handle things by your own, if your property has faced a severe damage. In such a situation, not even try to enter that property and immediately contact a water damage restoration expert who will remediate your problem.
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