baking soda for cleaning

If we will say that you don’t have to depend upon chemical cleaning agents and solution to ensure cleanliness of any area or item of your property, then you may take this as a prank. But, it is a reality and we will tell you how.  Here we will provide you a sure short method which will resolve cleaning troubles of your ceramic tiles. Tiles are the important part of any place and it too requires cleaning like other areas. Also they contribute towards the elegance and ambience of any place. We will give you a simple and green cleaning method which is very effective to eradicate the trapped rigid dirt and stains from the ceramic tiles. The two items that will be used in the process is baking soda and vinegar that are easily available at every home.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning Process

  • Before starting up with the cleaning, it is important to sweep the tile to remove settled dust, dirt and loose debris from its surface. For this purpose you can use damp rag or broom to sweep the ceramic tiled surface.
  • Then preparation of cleaning solution is done. For this 1 gallon of hot water is taken in a bucket and into it baking soda, vinegar and laundry detergent. The solution is stirred with the long spoon so that all the ingredients get dissolved in water.
  • Dip a mop into this solution so that the ceramic tile surface can be cleaned.
  • Thoroughly clean the tile with the help of damp mop and rub it on the tiles in a circular motion.
  • Grout lines are also cleaned with the help of this solution. Old tooth brush is used to remove trapped dirt from the lines.
  • When the cleaning is done, soak another clean rag in clean water to wipe the tile area so that solution can be removed.
  • Dry up the surface with fans and air conditioners.
  • The process can be repeated if satisfactory results are not obtained in first attempt.

Isn’t it the simplest and economical method to get ceramic tile cleaned? You can use this method anytime whenever you need. In spite of using chemical solutions and bleaching agents which can leave harmful effects on the tile, this is the most safest and convenient method to take up the cleaning without any expert supervision.

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